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 Why we love what we do

REEWORD BOOKS provides support for all subjects with an inclusive mindset. Meaning, not only are our books being held by students, parents and staff; clinicians and practitioners are helping all students, including individuals with significant disabilities obtain gains that surpassed students without disabilities. 

Our methods are used during Inspired Behavioral Analysis.

Research has shown that the professional learning community within subsequent classes may suggest that colleges have teaching preparatory programs with field experiences in inclusive teaching.For this reason REEWORD BOOKS offers IBA a supported behavioral learning tool similar to applied behavioral analysis. 

Through our approach of teaching-learning cycles various clients show 4-6 weeks improvement in communication, social-emotional engagement, pairing and maintenance and motor skills. Thus, REEWORD BOOKS have not only made way into homes and school districts but also college preparatory programs. More over, as a note, teaching-learning cycles are not just practices over time but collaborations to maintain strategies in content areas, homes and the community. 

In concluding, REEWORD BOOKS offers books, IBA and methodologies including differentiation of relevant strategy that allows for many different naturalistic learning outcomes and settings for many individuals.  

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